CitizenCon is one of the most anticipated events in the video game industry, and this year’s event did not disappoint. Held on October 21-22, 2023, Citizen Con provided gamers and professionals alike with exciting news and announcements. The biggest reveal was the release date for Star Citizen, which gamers have been eagerly awaiting for years. In addition, Citizen Con also unveiled new video game technology called server meshing, which has the potential to revolutionize video game creation forever.

The Importance of CitizenCon:

CitizenCon is an annual event that caters to fans and developers of the immensely popular space simulation game, Star Citizen. It also serves as a platform for game developers to showcase their new technologies, share insights, and discuss industry trends. With major players and video game experts in attendance, it’s a prime opportunity to make important acquaintances, form partnerships, and establish new business relationships.

The Release Date of Star Citizen:

Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious video game projects of all time. Since its inception, the game has been in development for almost a decade, with no official release date in sight. However, at CitizenCon 2023, the community predicted the developers will announce that Star Citizen Alpha 4.0 would be released between November 18th and December 18, 2023. This news will be met with cheers and applause, as fans have long-awaited excitement for the game.

Server Meshing:

Server meshing is the biggest and most game-changing technology revealed at Citizen Con 2023. It has been in development for years at Cloud Imperium Games, the developers behind Star Citizen. This technology allows for seamless play between multiple servers within a single game, enabling players to join an ongoing game without interruption, and reducing the chances of any future server crashes. With server meshing, video game developers could create highly immersive, expansive worlds that are not limited by the restrictions of traditional networking technology.

New Video Game Trailers and Game Demos:

CitizenCon is also an opportunity for game developers to showcase new teasers, trailers, and game demos to the public. This year’s event featured several new trailers and demos from multiple game studios such as Behind the Tears and Argothia. These new game previews left fans buzzing, excited to explore the new worlds and characters that await them.


CitizenCon 2023 was not only a success for the developers of Star Citizen but also for the video game industry as a whole. The reveal of a release date and server meshing technology has left gamers in anticipation and excitement. Moving forward, it’s exciting to envision what the gaming future holds with this new technology implemented, not only in Star Citizen but in future games as well. Citizen Con 2023 was truly an epic event that will be remembered for years to come.

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