On Monday, the news broke that Twitch’s CEO Emmett Shear would be stepping down from his role. This surprising announcement has caused a lot of speculation about what this could mean for the company and its users. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at why Shear stepped down, what it could mean for the future of Twitch, and how users might be affected by the change in leadership.

Why Did He Step Down?

According to the press release, Shear is leaving to pursue other interests outside of the company. While this doesn’t give us much information about why he chose to leave now, it does tell us that he believes there are opportunities outside of Twitch that he wants to explore. It also implies that he isn’t leaving due to any dissatisfaction with Twitch or its direction—otherwise, he likely wouldn’t have stayed on as an advisor after stepping down as CEO.

What Could This Mean For The Company?

Shear’s departure could signal a shift in strategy for Twitch. While it’s unclear exactly what changes might be made under new leadership, it’s likely that they will focus on expanding the platform beyond just gaming and streaming into other areas such as e-commerce and advertising. This could lead to more revenue opportunities for both creators and viewers alike.

Twitch has recently been rocked by the surprise departure of its CEO, Emmett Shear. After growing the streaming platform from humble beginnings to a juggernaut in the entertainment industry worth billions of dollars, Shear announced he will be stepping away from the CEO role. While no details have yet been released about why Shear chose to leave his post and who will fill it going forward, Twitch remains steadfast in its commitment to being an innovative leader and to delivering high-quality content for its millions of devoted users. In the meantime, fans are left hanging, awaiting further news and developments from within the company.

How Could Users Be Affected?

The biggest change that users may experience is an increase in features available on the platform. With an eye towards monetization, new features such as subscriptions and pay-per-view events may become more common on Twitch in order to capitalize on potential revenue streams from viewers and creators alike. Additionally, creators could see their earnings increase if these new features are successful at generating additional income for them. 

Twitch has announced that its CEO Emmett Shear will be stepping down from his position to become the Chairman of its Board of Directors on January 28th, 2021. After serving as CEO for 10 years, Shear will now move into more of a strategic role, assuming responsibility for oversight and guidance of the company’s strategy. Shear will also continue working with Twitch COO Sara Clemens in delivering a cross-platform experience that emphasizes user engagement and the broad range of content around gaming and related interests such as music, art, and lifestyle. His transition to the Board creates an important opportunity for new leadership at Twitch with fresh ideas to grow the platform further.


Emmett Shear’s departure from his position as CEO of Twitch marks a significant moment in the company’s history. While only time will tell how this change will affect users of the platform, it is clear that new leadership will bring with it some exciting changes going forward. We can expect an increased focus on monetization opportunities which could open up more earning potentials for both streamers and viewers alike—which can only be seen as good news! Whether you’re a casual viewer or an avid streamer, these changes could provide additional incentives to get involved with Twitch even further than before!

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