Why Was Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Marketing Genius?  

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 remains one of the most popular video games of all time, and its success is largely attributed to its marketing strategy. Released in 2009, the game was marketed in such a way that it generated a lot of hype and excitement from fans of the franchise. The controversy surrounding the game’s themes and plot only added to the marketing genius behind the game. In this blog post, I will be exploring why Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s marketing was so successful and what other companies can learn from it.

Strategic Advertising Campaigns

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 had a very strategic advertising campaign that consisted of multiple trailers leading up to the game’s release. Along with the pre-release trailers, the game developers also utilized different advertising techniques to create buzz around the game’s release. One such technique was advertising the game in movie theaters during previews of blockbuster movies.

The success of the Modern Warfare 2 marketing campaign was that it sparked curiosity. The game was kept under wraps for an extended period, leaving gamers to use their imagination as to what was happening with their beloved franchise. Teasers were released over several months, with each being incrementally more attractive and spark even more buzz.

The core of the modern Warfare 2 marketing campaign was the use of various media sources, including online videos, banner ads, and flash animations. Activision released teasers showing a rocket exploding in a brownstone neighborhood, and the “Fancy Glass” campaign that showed a bullet shattering bullet-proof glass – this resulted in avid gamers examining every piece of footage for hints and tips about the upcoming game.

The Modern Warfare 2 marketing campaign also leveraged the power of social media. By then, social media platforms were growing tremendously, and developers decided to use this to their advantage. Twitter and Facebook accounts of Call of Duty were flooded with news, trailers, and gameplay leaks, with fans being able to interact with developers over the platforms. The conversation about the game was there, and fans were spreading the news fast.

Innovative Gameplay

The game’s innovative gameplay elements, such as the multiplayer mode, also played a huge role in its success. The multiplayer mode featured a leveling-up system that allowed fans of the game to compete with each other to see who had the most skill. The game also featured a co-op mode that allowed players to team up and play together, which was a unique feature at the time.

Utilization of Social Media

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 also effectively utilized social media to generate buzz around the game’s release. The game developers created an online presence for the game by creating blogs and social media accounts that provided fans with updates and sneak peeks leading up to the game’s release. They also encouraged fans to share their experiences with the game on social media, which helped create a sense of community among fans of the game.

Personal Touch

Lastly, the game’s success can also be attributed to the personal touch that the developers put into the game. They made sure to listen to fan feedback and incorporate it into the game, which helped make the game even more appealing to fans. The game developers also participated in online forums and addressed fan concerns, which helped create a sense of community between the developers and fans.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s marketing strategy was a huge success due to its innovative advertising campaigns, use of controversial themes and plot, innovative gameplay, utilization of social media, and the personal touch that its developers put into the game. By understanding and utilizing these strategies, businesses and video game developers can create a marketing campaign that generates buzz and excitement around their product. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s marketing genius is still talked about to this day and will forever be a prime example of effective marketing.

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