Every year, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) hosts the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) which is considered to be one of the biggest gaming events worldwide. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic spread, the ESA recently announced the cancellation of the event for the second time in a row. This news has brought disappointment to gamers and professionals who were anticipating the event.

E3’s Cancellation

The cancellation of E3 disappointed the gaming industry as it was the perfect opportunity for professionals to showcase new developments and releases. During E3, companies such as Microsoft and Sony would unveil new games, consoles, and updates to the gaming community. Furthermore, the event offered a platform for networking and collaborations, providing exposure for new technologies and game developers.

This news is a major disappointment for gaming industry fans. The Electronic Entertainment Expo – or E3 – had been an exciting annual event spanning the entire world of gaming, including developers, console makers and influencers. For attendees, it was a chance to experience the newest technology, get first-hand impressions of upcoming games, and mingle with other members of the community. With its cancellation in 2023, gamers around the world won’t be able to eagerly anticipate what surprises the event will bring each year. Those who attend virtually will miss out on the unique atmosphere of being part of something special that only happens at such high-profile events. Hopefully next year’s event will be able to go ahead as planned!

E3 Events

The gaming world has been upended in recent months due to the cancellation of this year’s E3 event. This online-only experience was set to take place between June 12th and 15th, however due to the ongoing pandemic, it was called off for health and safety reasons. It’s sad news for gamers everywhere as E3 events are usually some of the most hyped occasions in the video game calendar, especially when new titles and announcements from major publishers are made. It remains unclear whether or not we’ll see something like an E3 style event at a later date, however many have turned their attention to other gaming conferences that may offer some glimmer of hope for relief following this disappointing outcome.

However, the pandemic has changed the landscape of the gaming industry, leading to innovative practices such as digital events, which may replace physical ones in the future. This year, the ESA replaced the physical event with E3 2021 Live, an online event that will take place from June 12th to June 15th. This virtual event plans to feature announcements, developer interviews, and gameplay footage, making it a potential alternative to the traditional E3 event.

E3’s Events Impact

Despite the shift to digital formats of events, E3 cancellation due to the pandemic’s impact, highlights the need for the gaming industry to explore new ways of showcasing their products and connecting with their audience. The ESA needs to work on building a more robust digital ecosystem that has the potential to reach a broader audience through virtual gaming events.

Gaming professionals and enthusiasts started expressing their disappointment regarding the E3 cancellation, as the event has become a staple of their community. Without the live conference, gamers and developers wouldn’t be able to connect, network and exchange ideas that could impact the gaming industry. The cancellation of E3 has left many in the industry questioning how they will connect with their audience and showcase their latest designs.


The gaming event, E3 has been the highlight of the gaming community as it’s the largest gathering of video game publishers, press and professionals worldwide. Thus, the pandemic has definitely made an impact on the industry, leading to change in how events are conducted. As the gaming industry evolves, it’s imperative that companies find ways to adapt and embrace the digital world more fully. The cancellation of E3 may come as a shock to many, but there is still something to look forward to with E3 2021 Live, which could potentially set a new standard for how gaming events are conducted in the future.

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