For years, gamers worldwide have enjoyed the mobile gaming experience of the Playstation Vita (PS Vita). Unfortunately, in 2019, Sony officially discontinued the production of this hand-held device, leading many to think that the PS Vita is a thing of the past. However, in recent times, rumors have been spreading about the possible release of a PS Vita 2. If this is true, the implications for the mobile gaming industry could be significant. In this blog post, we examine the potential of a rumored PS Vita 2.

Graphics and Performance

The original PS Vita already delivered impressive graphics and performance for a mobile device, and the rumored PS Vita 2 will presumably do better. With modern technology, the new Vita could run games at higher frame rates, better resolutions, and with more realistic graphics. It could also have a longer-lasting battery, which is something often requested in mobile gaming devices. Gamers who prefer gaming on the go would likely appreciate the upgraded performance options.

Competitive Pricing

The PS Vita struggled to sell due to a low user base combined with expensive physical game cartridges. However, if Sony offers the PS Vita 2 at a competitive price, it could potentially attract a wider range of gamers. By providing an economically feasible option to play exclusive Sony games like Unchartered, and Freedom Wars, among others, the user adoption rate would likely increase. If priced right, the PS Vita 2 could attract casual gamers and core fanatics alike.

Handheld Convenience

A major selling point of the original PS Vita, primarily for people who are always on the move, was the handheld console’s convenience. The new PS Vita 2 would continue to provide users with an alternative to playing games on tablets and smartphones. As more people tend to travel and find time to play games on the move, having an ergonomically designed handheld device with a display could turn out to be a winning formula once again.


Since the PS Vita’s release in 2011, the console has focused on providing exclusive games from leading developers like Sega, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. If Sony representatives are confident in the release of a PS Vita 2, they may involve more studios by promoting collaborations between developers. With such partnerships, exclusive game availability could be increased on both the PS Vita and Playstation. Besides collaborations, Sony can leverage the success of the Playstation by providing compatibility features that allow certain games to be played via the PS Vita 2, drawing all Playstation enthusiasts to purchase the Vita.

Online Opportunities

The PS Vita 2 could also offer a range of online opportunities that the original PS Vita lacked. By providing a broader gaming experience, for example, by incorporating newer online features such as streaming, cross-play support, and more significant online communities, PS Vita 2 could be a differentiator in the mobile gaming industry. As seen with the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, PS Vita 2 could score on both the single-player and online platforms, drawing gamers to try out the handheld device.


Overall, the rumored PS Vita 2 could be an exciting addition to the mobile gaming industry, with many potential benefits for gamers. The handheld console’s upgraded graphics and performance quality, combined with competitive pricing and convenience, could appeal to a more extensive user base. Furthermore, the possibilities of cross-collaboration and online opportunities could open doors to new gaming experiences. The original PS Vita may be long gone, but the potential of a PS Vita 2 is undoubtedly worth the wait for gamers worldwide!

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