MicroStrategy, a business analytics company, has recently made headlines for its smart investment in Bitcoin. With 140,000 BTC under its belt, MicroStrategy has become profitable now that Bitcoin hit $30,000. While others thought that Bitcoin was too much of a risk, MicroStrategy took a chance and has reaped the rewards. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the reasons why MicroStrategy invested in Bitcoin and how the current market trends have resulted in a positive outcome.

Reasons for the Investment

MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, is no stranger to investing and recognizes that Bitcoin is the future. He believes that the cryptocurrency is the best store of value that exists and is more reliable than gold. MicroStrategy saw the investment as an opportunity to protect their assets from inflation and other forms of economic uncertainty. The company believes that Bitcoin’s scarcity and the increasing demand will guarantee its value in the long run. Consequently, MicroStrategy’s board of directors unanimously approved the decision to invest in Bitcoin.

How Bitcoin’s Price is Responding

Since MicroStrategy’s investment in BTC, the price has been increasing exponentially. Bitcoin’s market value has doubled in the few months since MicroStrategy’s purchase. Today, Bitcoin price is at a record high of $32,000, which means that MicroStrategy’s investment has yielded a significant profit. It’s worth mentioning that Bitcoin’s value is significantly volatile, and sudden market changes can occur, and values can fall as quickly as they rise. Nevertheless, the current trend seems to indicate that Bitcoin’s value will continue to rise, which bodes well for MicroStrategy.

The Competition with Gold

MicroStrategy has stated that it views Bitcoin as superior to gold. While some might find this view controversial, MicroStrategy is not alone in this competition. Stock-to-flow (SF) model, which measures the scarcity of gold and Bitcoin, shows that Bitcoin is increasingly scarce, with a stock-to-flow ratio that is even higher than gold. Therefore, it is believed that Bitcoin is likely to outperform gold in the long run. This expectation makes MicroStrategy’s decision to invest in Bitcoin even more strategic.

The Benefits of Investing in Bitcoin

MicroStrategy’s successful investment in Bitcoin shows that there are benefits to taking calculated risks. Bitcoin offers businesses a way to diversify their assets. Consequently, the investment can reduce other financial risks and provide liquidity in case of emergencies. Also, Bitcoin offers the potential for high returns on investments, which is a significant advantage, especially in today’s volatile economic climate.


In conclusion, MicroStrategy’s wise investment in Bitcoin is a clear indication that the cryptocurrency is continually gaining adoption as a viable investment asset. MicroStrategy’s decision to invest in Bitcoin at the right time shows that calculated risks can lead to significant benefits. With the current upward trend of Bitcoin’s value, MicroStrategy seems to have made a profitable investment. It’s essential to note that the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and sudden dips or market changes can impact its value. Nevertheless, as long as Bitcoin’s value continues to rise steadily, the cryptocurrency has the potential to outperform other traditional investment assets, such as gold. MicroStrategy’s investment in BTC shows the potential benefits of investing in Bitcoin, especially in today’s ever-changing economic climate.

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