Redfall, a highly anticipated video game developed by popular developer Bethesda Softworks, is scheduled to release later this year. But amidst all the excitement, there’s a bit of a drawback announced by the developers that has stirred up some concern amongst gamers. Apparently, the game will be available in quality mode only and won’t have the 60 FPS ability, which is often considered a must-have feature for modern-day video games.

What is 60 FPS and Why is it Important?

Before we delve into the technicalities of the announcement, let’s first understand what 60 FPS ability is and why it’s important. FPS (frames per second) is a term that defines the number of frames or images that the game displays per second. The higher the FPS, the smoother and more realistic the game looks. In most modern games, 60 FPS is considered the standard. Having this feature allows gamers to have a more enjoyable gaming experience that is visually appealing, smoother and more immersive.

Why the Decision was Made?

Coming back to Redfall, it’s surprising that the developers have chosen to leave out the 60 FPS feature from their highly anticipated game. Bethesda Softworks spokesperson mentioned that this decision was taken to ensure a high-quality gameplay experience, and that including 60 FPS would detract from the overall quality of the game. This is concerning to many fans and gamers, who believe that the ability to have 60 FPS should be a given for games in this day and age.

Factors to Consider:

However, it’s important to keep in mind that delivering a quality game experience takes precedence over having the 60 FPS ability. Game developers have to weigh multiple factors, such as hardware limitations, software limitations, and game design. It’s possible that in this case, Redfall’s unique game design and technology did not allow for a smooth 60 FPS experience.

Reassurance for Fans:

That being said, fans shouldn’t be too worried about the game’s quality given Bethesda’s track record. The studio has earned a reputation among gamers for producing exceptional titles that marry unique mechanics with solid gameplay. Redfall is expected to be no different, with the developers highlighting the game’s extensive open-world elements and inclusion of various unique features that should make up for the lack of 60 FPS.


In conclusion, while the lack of 60 FPS mode in Redfall might be a little disappointing, it is reassuring to know that the developers aimed to deliver a high-quality gameplay experience with their upcoming title. There is no doubt that the game is going to be a visual treat to players in quality mode, and the unique features of the game mechanics are highly anticipated. Bethesda has proved time and time again that they are capable of developing games that are both visually appealing and engaging. So even without the highly sought after 60 FPS mode, Redfall is still going to be one of the most anticipated games of the year.

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