On May 4, 2023, friends and family of the late Carrie Fisher gathered on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to witness the unveiling of her star. Fisher was a beloved actress, writer, and mental health advocate who passed away in 2016, but her iconic portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise remains a lasting legacy. Her star now joins those of other esteemed actors, directors, and musicians who have been honored with a place on the Walk of Fame.

Carrie Fisher was born on October 21, 1956, in Beverly Hills, California, to Hollywood stars Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Her parents’ fame and publicized divorce fueled her early interest in acting. Fisher’s film debut came in 1975’s Shampoo, but it was her breakout role as Princess Leia in 1977’s Star Wars that propelled her to superstardom. She reprised the role in two sequels, and later returned to the franchise in 2015’s The Force Awakens and 2017’s The Last Jedi.

Fisher was also a successful writer, with her first novel Postcards from the Edge published in 1987. She went on to write several more novels, non-fiction books, screenplays, and stage plays, earning a reputation as a talented wordsmith. Fisher’s writing was marked by its wit, honesty, and unapologetic approach.

In addition to her creative pursuits, Fisher was a vocal advocate for mental health awareness. She publicly discussed her struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction in the hopes of reducing stigma and encouraging others to seek treatment. Her work in this area has been recognized by mental health organizations and the entertainment industry.


Fisher’s legacy continues to inspire fans around the world. As we remember and honor her memory, let us also celebrate her contributions as an actress, writer, and mental health advocate.

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