The world of entertainment is definitely competitive with content that appeals to all kinds of audiences. Even the giants such as Disney, who have always catered to the family audience with content that is safe, fun, and entertaining, have surprised many fans with a secret that they have kept under lock and key. Apparently, Disney has completed an Alien vs Predator anime series that is 10 episodes long. For those who are not aware, Alien and Predator are two of the most iconic movie franchises in sci-fi horror. And to have an anime series with these two franchises is quite a treat for fans. However, as of now, Disney has not released the anime series and has given no word on whether it will be released in the future.

The Alien vs Predator anime series was reportedly created by Studio Mir, the creators of the Voltron: Legendary Defender and the Avatar: Legend of Korra. It was first announced that the show was in production in 2019, and the news got fans excited about the possibility of seeing their favorite characters in action. However, in 2021, news came out that Disney will not be releasing the show anytime soon. Unfortunately, there is little information as to why Disney is keeping the anime series under lock and key.

One possible theory on why Disney is holding onto the Alien vs Predator anime series could be that they do not want any controversies regarding the Alien and Predator franchise. Additionally, the company wants to ensure that the content is polished before it reaches fans. After all, Disney’s reputation does not just rest on the content’s quality; it also rests on the brand’s safety for general audiences.

The Alien vs Predator anime series could be an excellent addition to the sci-fi horror genre. Given that there are so many fans out there who love the franchises, it would be great if Disney releases it on their streaming platform, Disney+. This could be an opportunity for Disney to branch out into a different audience demographic that enjoys and adores both franchises.

However, it’s not just fans that are disappointed. Many professionals in the anime industry are curious to know why Disney has kept the anime series under wraps. Many are speculating about the content behind the locked doors of the House of Mouse. Perhaps, it’s because the series includes such iconic franchises with a substantial fanbase that Disney wants to ensure the quality of production and pacing of the series is perfect before it’s released.


Disney’s secret Alien vs Predator anime series has been a topic of discussion among fans of both franchises since the announcement of its production. Unfortunately, there has been no news on when or if the series will ever be released. While it’s still a mystery why Disney is keeping the series under lock and key, it’s possible that the company wants to make sure that the content is peferct in terms of production and pacing or avoid potential controversies regarding the two franchises. However, many fans and anime industry professionals are still hoping to see the series in the future, and this anime series can be an opportunity for Disney to branch out and reach a different type of audience.

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