The esports world was treated to an exciting showdown at the recently concluded BLAST Paris Major, where Team Vitality emerged victorious as the last-ever CS:GO world champions. The French team showcased their skill and talent in a closely contested final against GamerLegion, taking home their first Major title and leaving a historic mark on the legendary game.

The grand final between Vitality and GamerLegion kicked off with Overpass, with Vitality demonstrating their readiness to compete. They maintained a dominant lead throughout and finished with a comfortable 16-6 victory. GamerLegion struggled to come up with a response to Vitality’s strong performance, and looked set for a tough challenge ahead.

The second map was on Nuke, where GamerLegion started strong, securing a 6-4 lead after just ten rounds. By the half, GamerLegion extended their lead to 10-5, but Vitality was not giving up. Coming into the second half, Vitality rallied themselves and fought back to tie the game at 13-13. Vitality then put on an exceptional display of composure, patience, and teamwork to secure crucial rounds and take the map 16-13, ultimately becoming the Major champions.

Vitality’s victory was a testament to their skills as a team. They showed that they could manage the pressure, maintain their focus, and bounce back from tough situations. Their performance was outstanding, and every member contributed immensely to the victory. ZywOo was especially impressive throughout the tournament, bagging the ‘MVP’ award after finishing with an overall rating of 1.38.

The win also marked the end of an era for CS:GO as Valve is set to release Counter-Strike 2 this year. The community now looks forward to the new game, with the hopes of seeing it carry on the legacy of the beloved game. The BLAST Paris Major will not only be remembered as the final event for the original game but also for the remarkable achievements of Team Vitality.


The BLAST Paris Major showcased the best of CS:GO and crowned the last-ever world champions in the game’s history. Team Vitality put on a spectacular performance, displaying precision, coordination, and resilience in their path to victory. Though this monumental event marks the end of an era, it represents an exciting new chapter in esports as Counter-Strike 2 prepares to take over the mantle. We can’t wait for the next era of CS:GO and the incredible achievements that will come with it.

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