Apple always brings exciting new features and functions with its software updates and upgrades. This year’s annual worldwide developer conference (WWDC 23) has given us a sneak-peek into the upcoming watchOS 10 release. Among a host of features to watch out for, two new watch faces have caught our attention. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of the new watch faces and why they’ll be a useful addition to your watchOS dashboard.

Kicking things off is the Modular Duo watch face, which will allow users to display two pieces of information at once. This new feature aims to streamline and optimize functionality for professionals who need to keep an eye on multiple things simultaneously. For example, the upper screen of the face could display your schedule, while the lower screen shows the weather forecast. Additionally, the center of the watch face could showcase the dial, stopwatch, and timer features, saving screen real estate and increasing the efficiency of the watch.

The second watch face feature is the Time to walk feature, designed explicitly for fitness enthusiasts. This watch face allows the user to select a guided audio walk from a selection of famous people such as fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins, country music artist Dolly Parton, or even Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson. Along with the celebrity’s words of wisdom, this time to walk face will put all of the crucial fitness metrics, like calorie and step count, right on the dial, ensuring that you stay motivated and informed as you walk.

The new watch faces come at a time when wearable tech has become an ever-present part of the daily lives of many professionals around the world. Smartwatches are becoming highly personalized, each designed to suit unique preferences and routines. Apple has been the global leader in this industry segment, consistently churning out premium products and features, such as the new Modular Duo face and Time to walk. These latest releases serve as an enhancement for customizing the user experience for Apple’s premium wearable product line.

Furthermore, the customization and personalization of the watch face will now be more accessible with the release of watchOS 10. A new watch face gallery will allow users to browse different watch faces to suit their style, mood, or requirement. You’ll no longer have to scour the web looking for watch faces to download and install; instead, Apple will have an official repository of curated, high-quality, and safe watch faces available right on the watch gallery.


This year’s WWDC23 showcased some significant upgrades to Apple’s watchOS 10. The Modular Duo face and Time to walk features are likely to attract attention and adoption from professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and customers looking for enhanced customization. These watch face options will help make the watch more productive, smarter, and customizable, solidifying Apple’s position as a dominating force within the wearable tech landscape. Are you excited to try out these new watch face features? Stay tuned for more updates on watchOS 10 and get ready to rock your Apple watch!

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