The world of gaming has always been a competitive one, with players consistently pushing to be the best and striving for fame and fortune. However, in recent years, gaming has become more than just a hobby or pastime; it has quickly grown into a global industry worth billions of dollars. With this new found growth and popularity comes an ever-increasing need for accountability and responsibility within the gaming community. This was highlighted recently when TimTheTatman, one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, asked for a Call of Duty skin to be removed from the game in solidarity with his fellow streamer, NICKMERCS. In this blog post, we’re going to look at why TimTheTatman made this request and what it means for the gaming community.

For those who aren’t familiar with Call of Duty, a skin is essentially a cosmetic design that players can purchase to make their characters or weapons look different. In the latest Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare, a new skin was added named “Ghost Mara,” which is a combination of two previously existing skins. The problem that arose was that one of the original skins, “Mara,” is the primary skin of NICKMERCS, and Ghost Mara appears to be a direct copy of it. TimTheTatman, a close friend of NICKMERCS, took to Twitter to voice his concerns about the similarity of the two skins and ask that the Ghost Mara skin be removed from the game, out of respect for NICKMERCS.

TimTheTatman’s request sparked a lot of conversation within the gaming community, with many people coming out in support of NICKMERCS. Fans of both streamers were quick to speak out, and the hashtag #RemoveGhostMara began trending on Twitter. Some people felt that it was a minor issue and that the similarity between the two skins was just a coincidence. Others felt that it was a direct copy and that it was disrespectful to NICKMERCS, who is a well-respected figure within the gaming community.

Activision, the developers of Call of Duty, initially did not respond to the outcry. However, they eventually released a statement saying that they would be removing the Ghost Mara skin from the game and apologizing for any offense caused. This was seen as a significant win for TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS and showed that the gaming community could come together to demand change and hold those in positions of power accountable.

The incident surrounding the Ghost Mara skin highlighted a broader issue within the gaming industry, namely, how developers treat content creators and their intellectual property. While this may seem like a minor issue, it’s essential to remember that content creators rely heavily on their designs and branding to make a living. By directly copying NICKMERCS’ skin, Activision was potentially harming his income and reputation. This is something that should not be taken lightly, and content creators should be respected and protected in the same way as any other artist.


Overall, TimTheTatman’s request for the removal of the Ghost Mara skin was a significant moment in the gaming community. It showed that the voices of gamers and content creators could be heard and that change could be brought about. More than that, it showed that by coming together and standing in solidarity, we can demand respect and accountability from the gaming industry as a whole. Let’s hope that this incident serves as a catalyst for more change and progress in the future.

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