The annual Call of Duty Championship has always been the most anticipated event in the esports world. The fans, players, and teams wait all year long to show their skills and prove their worth. The latest championship – Call of Duty Champs 2023 has just come to an end, and the New York Subliners have emerged victorious, claiming the title of the best Call of Duty team in the world. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at this year’s championship, the winning team, and their journey to success.

The 2023 Call of Duty Championship took place over this past weekend in June in Maryland. More than 8 League teams from around the world competed against each other, with only the top 2 teams advancing to the finals. The format of the tournament was a double-elimination bracket, meaning teams had two chances to stay in the tournament. The level of competition was intense, with many of the best teams competing against each other, and the excitement and anticipation built every day.

In the finals, the New York Subliners defeated the Faze 3-1 in a close-fought match. The New York Subliners had a rough tournament bracket, but they fought hard and improved their strategy, steadily making their way through the bracket. The team put on a great display of skill and teamwork in the finals and was rewarded with the championship title.

The New York Subliners consist of five members, KiSMET, Priestahh, Skyz, Hydra. All the players on the team have really dedicated a great deal of vod review and extra practice together. Hydra is a veteran player and has been competing in the esports scene and has made a name for himself. He is considered one of the best Call of Duty players in the world, and it was his outstanding leadership and gameplay that led the Subliners to victory, even receiving the MVP for the tournament.

The New York Subliners played an almost perfect game in the finals. They were quick to communicate, constantly adapting to the situation at hand, and never lost their cool under pressure. Their strategy was simple yet effective – playing to their strengths and taking advantage of their opponents’ weaknesses. The team’s ability to draw first blood was the key to their success. Their coordination and team communication were exceptional, and they quickly took control of the game whenever they got ahead.


The 2023 Call of Duty Championship was an incredible event with some of the best teams competing against each other. It was a display of skill, strategy, and teamwork. In the end, it was the New York Subliners that emerged as champions, proving that hard work, dedication, and teamwork always pay off. The fans and players alike have enjoyed this year’s championship, and we look forward to next year’s event to see if the New York Subliners can keep their crown or if another team will rise to challenge them.

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