The world of social media is constantly changing, and one of the latest developments to catch people’s attention has been the news that Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, the original founders of YouTube sensation Smosh, have bought the channel back from Defy Media. Originally sold in 2011, the channel has gone from strength to strength, with over 25 million subscribers and billions of views. This exciting development has captured the attention of professionals within the social media and entertainment industries, and this blog post aims to explore what this means for the future of Smosh.

For those who are unfamiliar with Smosh, it is a channel that began life in 2005, with two friends creating videos to entertain themselves. The following year, they uploaded a video called “Pokémon Theme Music Video,” which became so popular it almost immediately went viral. From there, the duo quickly gained a huge following, with their content including parodies, sketches, and original comedy shorts.

The reacquisition of Smosh by its original founders opens up many possibilities. The channel can reclaim its original vision and essence; it can become once again a platform for diverse content, ideally suited to the changing landscape of social media. It may also become a space for even greater creativity, with subscribers excited to see what the founders have in store for them next, as their original content had become separated from the brand over the years.

Furthermore, this step may also serve as a reminder to the importance of authenticity, credibility, and keeping a close eye on brand development in the ever-changing digital spaces. The success of Smosh is undoubtedly aimed at the connection that the company built with its audience when it first emerged on YouTube. By returning to this position, Smosh’s original founders are setting a precedent for the importance of brand identity and development, even within the confines of the digital realm.

For professionals who work within the entertainment industry and who understand YouTube’s role as the breeding ground for influencers, the return of the original founders to the Smosh brand means the company can find its way back to a strong online and offline brand identity, especially with various strategic decisions. One of the biggest challenges faced by a lot of channels has been the need to constantly create new material that allows audiences to connect with the channel in different ways. However, with the founders back in control, Smosh may be able to produce a more diverse range of content while staying true to its roots, and continuing to find ways to build long-term loyalty amongst its millions of subscribers.


There is no doubting the fact that the return of the original founders to the Smosh brand will bring a surge of renewed energy to the channel. With their talent, understanding, and experience, the future of the brand is shining brightly, and even those who have never heard of the channel are aware of the impact Smosh has had within the digital universe. While change can be daunting to businesses operating within the social media space, in this instance, it has felt like a nostalgic homecoming, and a much needed one at that. Smosh’s original founders’ acquisition of the channel serves as a beacon of hope to professionals that, with creativity, patience, and a vision, there is still the potential to win big in this constantly evolving digital world.

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