In recent news, it has been reported that the disappearance of OceanGate’s Titan submersible has led to an unexpected surge in sales for the submarine-based horror game, Iron Lung. Developer David Szymanski shared a graph showing a sharp increase in sales that began on June 19, just days after the news of the missing submersible broke out. This strange spike in sales has left many people wondering about the popularity of this unusual video game genre and the reasons behind the surge. In this article, we will explore the details of this bizarre event and try to understand the fascination of gamers with the subgenre of submarine-based horror games.

Submarine-based horror games are a relatively new genre in the gaming world, and they have been gaining a significant following in recent years. These games offer a unique and immersive experience, where players are placed in claustrophobic and isolated underwater environments while trying to survive the horrors lurking in the depths of the ocean. Some of the popular titles in this genre include SOMA, Narcosis, and Iron Fish. However, Iron Lung stands out as one of the more popular games in this subcategory of horror games.

So, why has the disappearance of the Titan submersible led to a sudden surge in sales for Iron Lung? It may be attributed to the morbid fascination that people have with tragic events. The disappearance of the Titan submersible is an ominous and mysterious event, and people tend to flock towards things that are dark and mysterious. Iron Lung offers a similar sensation, where players are immersed in an eerie and foreboding underwater environment, facing the unknown in a submersible that is reminiscent of the Titan.

Additionally, the fact that Iron Lung is a relatively unknown game adds to the intrigue and popularity of the game. It is a unique title that has not received much attention in the gaming world, and the sudden increase in sales is probably due to the attention it is receiving as a result of the Titan submersible’s disappearance. The game offers a thrilling and otherworldly experience that is unlike anything that gamers have played before, and this has led to an explosion in the game’s popularity since the news of Titan’s disappearance broke out.


In conclusion, the unexpected sales surge for Iron Lung following the disappearance of the Titan submersible is testament to the fascination that people have with the unknown and the morbid. The popularity of submarine-based horror games is a phenomenon that has been on the rise in recent years, and Iron Lung seems to have captured the attention of gamers in a unique and enticing way. While the spike in sales may be an unfortunate side effect of a tragic event, it is still interesting to see how the popularity of such games can be ignited by real-world events. It remains to be seen whether this surge in sales will continue, but one thing is certain; Iron Lung has certainly earned its place as one of the most intriguing games in the genre of submarine-based horror.

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