The horror genre is often one where franchises flourish, with several sequels, prequels, and spin-offs being churned out year after year. However, sometimes franchises need a break, and that’s exactly what Insidious is doing after its upcoming sequel, The Red Door. Series co-creator James Wan announced on Twitter that the franchise would be taking ‘a very long break’, leaving many fans wondering what that means for the future of the franchise. This blog post aims to explore what taking ‘a very long break’ could mean for the Insidious franchise.

To understand what a long break means for the franchise, it’s essential to look at the previous films’ box office performances. The Insidious franchise has been incredibly successful since its first release in 2011, with the four films earning over $540 million worldwide, which means there is a strong possibility of more sequels or spin-offs in the future. However, there were some fans who felt that the franchise lost steam with the third film, and perhaps a break would allow the franchise to come back with renewed vigor and creativity.

Another reason why a long break might be a good thing for the Insidious franchise is that it will allow creators to take risks and fresh approaches to future installments. The horror genre is continually evolving, and what might have been scary or unique twenty years ago might not work for modern audiences. A break gives the filmmakers time to step back and assess what worked and what didn’t work in past films, which can enable them to try out new ideas that could breathe new life into the franchise.

However, taking a long break could also mean that the franchise is put on hold indefinitely. The announcement of a long break could be a euphemism for the end of the franchise, but it could also mean that there are no concrete plans for more films, and filmmakers need to reassess future direction. In either case, it would allow the franchise to end on a high note and give fans closure, rather than limping on with subpar installments.

If Insidious decides to return after a long break, it could be an excellent opportunity to explore the universe’s expanded aspects and themes. The franchise has done an excellent job at incorporating different styles and themes in its movies, whether it’s astral projection or demon hunters. A break from the series could give filmmakers and writers to look at under-examined aspects of the franchise, possibly exploring the concepts of the Further or the supernatural beyond the Lambert family.


In conclusion, it’s difficult to say what a ‘very long break’ means for the Insidious franchise at the moment, but it’s clear that it could benefit the franchise in the long run. While it could mean the end of the series, it could also mean that we will get more inventive, engaging Insidious films in the future. The break could also open doors for spin-offs and films without the constraints of a franchise and recurring characters. Whatever the future holds for Insidious, it’s clear that fans will be eagerly anticipating its return, whether that’s in a few years or several decades.

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