Ridley Scott, the renowned director of Alien, Blade Runner, and The Martian, is back with another epic historical film. He’s collaborated with Joaquin Phoenix once again for the role of the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte. The first trailer for the film has just been released, and it’s looking like an impressive feat of filmmaking. This blog post will delve into what we can expect from this upcoming movie and why it’s worth the wait.

The trailer showcases Phoenix’s stunning transformation as Napoleon. The actor has undergone a radical physical transformation to portray the French Emperor. Phoenix, known for his method acting and intense performances, has reportedly spent months studying the historical figure, learning the nuances of his character and mannerisms. The result seems to be a magnetic performance that will bring the historical figure to life on the big screen. The trailer teases the grandeur and drama that will be on display, with stunning cinematography and set pieces that transport the viewer to the early 19th century.

Ridley Scott has always been a master of historical epics, and Napoleon seems to be no exception. The director has captured the grand scale of the events surrounding Napoleon’s life, from the Revolution to his eventual exile. The film promises to be a visual feast, with intricate attention to detail, lush landscapes, and vibrant costumes. While some historical liberties may have been taken, the film’s official synopsis promises that Scott and the writers “dramatically capture this tumultuous period in the life of one of the world’s greatest military leaders and statesmen” and “the transformation of Bonaparte into Napoleon.”

What’s also notable about the trailer is the impressive ensemble cast. In addition to Phoenix, the movie stars Jodie Comer as Bonaparte’s wife, Josephine Bonaparte. The supporting cast is packed with talented actors such as Adam Driver, Ben Mendelsohn and Olivia Colman. These performances will be integral in fleshing out the story and characters around Napoleon, adding depth and nuance to the film’s narrative.

There’s no denying that Napoleon is a movie that will demand a lot from its audience. As with any Ridley Scott film, viewers can expect a long runtime, plenty of exposition, and heavy doses of politics. But for those who are willing to be swept up in the grandeur and spectacle of the film, it’s likely to be a rewarding experience. For lovers of epic historical dramas, Napoleon will certainly be worth the wait.


The trailer for Ridley Scott’s latest epic, Napoleon, is thrilling evidence that the director has once again set his sights on dazzling audiences with a rich, ambitious historical drama. Joaquin Phoenix’s striking transformation into the infamous French Emperor is only part of the story, as the film promises stunning set pieces, fine performances from an excellent cast, and Scott’s signature attention to detail. While it may be a lengthy, challenging experience, for those who love indulging in historical epics, Napoleon could prove to be a cinematic milestone. And with Ridley Scott’s track record, it’s a movie that’s well worth keeping an eye out for.

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