For those who are fanatics of survival horror games, there is good news! The classic game ‘Clock Tower’ officially announced it is getting remastered for modern consoles. The original game, released back in 1995, was a Japanese exclusive game for the Super Famicom console. It was later launched in other regions of the world, including Europe and the United States, but under a different game title. The new remastered version is going to bring back the terror of Scissorman, the unforgettable villain who hunts his victims relentlessly. The remastered version is going to hit the markets in the near future and is expected to be one of the most awaited horror games of all time.

Clock Tower has always been a game that delivers pure horror to the player. As an iconic and unique game, Clock Tower stands out from many other survival horror games due to the characters’ personality, the storyline, and the overall gameplay. In the original game, players control the character of Jennifer, who is trying to survive while being pursued by Scissorman, a child-sized villain who relentlessly stalks his victims using a gigantic pair of scissors. The game’s tension is high and intense from the initial moments, and the player is always on edge, never sure when Scissorman is going to finally catch up to her.

The remastered version of Clock Tower boasts several enhancements and new features. The game’s graphics got a complete overhaul, with the game now in full 3D, giving players a deeper immersion into the game world. Sound effects have been reworked to bring players even closer to the terror of being stalked by Scissorman. The developers have also added new gameplay mechanics to explore, such as the survival kits that players can pick up, which offer helpful bonuses when used at the right time.

The horror genre has come along way since Clock Tower’s first release in 1995, but the game is still as frightening and effective twenty-five years later because of its unique elements, gameplay, and style. Being able to experience this game once again with modern graphics and technical enhancements is a dream come true for many fans, who wish to recapture the terror they felt during the original game’s first release. It is rare that a game franchise can withstand the test of time, but Clock Tower is one that holds up and maintains its standard against newer horror games.

The remastered version of Clock Tower is scheduled to release on modern consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This time, fans won’t have to wait long to experience the game with all of the new improvements. The game will be available for purchase directly on the consoles marketplace. The developers have not announced any additional features or DLCs, but we can always hope for future releases or sequels.

Conclusion: The remastered version of Clock Tower is bringing survival horror fans back to the game they love. The revamping of the game with modern graphics and technical enhancements undoubtedly will make the game even more terrifying. With years of technological progression and advanced gaming capabilities, the game is finally getting the improvements it deserves. For fans around the globe, the remaster will re-ignite the love they have had for the game and terror they felt while playing it. It is certainly an incredible moment to see a game as iconic and influential as Clock Tower come back to life after years of remaining dormant. This remastered version is undoubtedly well worth the wait.

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