The ongoing Hollywood strikes have affected many TV networks, resulting in the need for restructuring their broadcast schedules. Many TV shows have also found new homes in the process. Two of the most popular shows, Yellowstone and Ms. Marvel, have also recently found new homes, with Yellowstone heading to CBS, and Ms. Marvel making its way to ABC. In this blog post, we will discuss why these changes have taken place and what this means for the future of TV broadcasting.

The Hollywood strikes have had a major impact on the TV industry, with many changes taking place in the broadcast schedules of several TV networks. Yellowstone, which was originally broadcast on the Paramount Network, will now be aired on CBS. This move comes as a surprise to many, as CBS is known for its news programming and talk shows, rather than airing dramas. However, CBS has made the move as part of their strategy to attract more viewers to the network, especially in light of the ongoing strikes.

Ms. Marvel, another popular show, which was originally planned to air on Disney+, will now be broadcast on ABC. The move was made following the halting of many Disney+ productions due to the strikes. Disney decided to move Ms. Marvel to ABC to ensure that the show could still be broadcast on schedule, rather than delaying its release on Disney+. This move will also benefit ABC, as Ms. Marvel is a highly anticipated show that is expected to attract a large number of viewers to the network.

With these shows finding new homes on different networks, it is clear that the Hollywood strikes have had a significant impact on the TV industry. Several networks are now rethinking their strategies and making moves to attract viewers in these difficult times. This restructuring of broadcast schedules may also lead to more experimentation and innovation in the industry, as networks attempt to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive landscape.

Apart from the above two shows, several other TV programs have also found new homes and broadcast schedules in the ongoing strikes. With the pandemic already affecting the industry, the strikes have only added to the challenges that networks face. However, with the industry’s resilience and the determination to keep the shows going, the TV world is continually evolving.


In conclusion, the Hollywood strikes have had an unprecedented impact on the TV industry, leading to the restructuring of broadcast schedules and the movement of popular TV shows to different networks. Yellowstone’s move to CBS and Ms. Marvel’s move to ABC are just two examples of this, and there are likely to be more as the strikes continue. However, these changes may also lead to more innovation and experimentation in the industry, as networks attempt to stand out in a challenging environment. The future of TV broadcasting looks exciting, and we cannot wait to see how it all unfolds.

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