The Super Mario Bros. franchise has been entertaining gamers of all ages since 1985. And now, fans of the iconic game can look forward to a new addition, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder!” with new power-up gameplay. Fans of the game are in for a real treat as Nintendo has now revealed several new power-ups in the coming game. These additions have taken gamification to an entirely new level. In this post, I’ll take you through what we know so far about these new power-ups and their impact on gameplay. 

Perhaps one of the most significant changes to the game is the introduction of Elephant Mario. Mario trades in his signature jumpsuit for a much larger elephant outfit, which he dons to gain immense strength and power. The suit enables him to use his trunk to accumulate massive force and destroy obstacles in his path with ease. This little tweak to Mario’s outfit will enhance the player’s experience and make it feel like a completely different game. 

If you’ve always been a fan of Mario’s leaf and tanooki suit, then the cat suit is sure to steal your heart. With the cat suit, Mario can run on all fours and even climb walls. The new power-up is particularly useful when trying to force one’s way through tough areas. The best thing about this power-up is that it makes Mario appear as a cute and fluffy kitty, and as such, it’s sure to make the game all the more interesting for younger players. 

If you’re all about speed, then the new Propeller Box power-up should be right up your alley. This power-up allows Mario to soar high in the sky and explore the map from above. The Propeller Box gives Mario’s regular moves a considerable boost by allowing him to glide seamlessly from one platform to another. All this, of course, makes the game much more efficient and exciting. 

Another new addition, albeit a subtle one, is that Mario can now breathe underwater. The new Frog Suit not only allows Mario to swim faster, but it also gives him the ability to jump higher on land. The new power-up is sure to come in handy when traversing underwater levels. The Frog Suit power-up is sure to make the game an absolute delight for players who love aquatic levels. 

Lastly, but not least, the Bubble Abilities power-up lets Mario trap his enemies in bubbles and use them as weapons against other enemies. This power-up is unique and gives the game a new strategic element, which is sure to make the game more engaging for seasoned players. 


In conclusion, the new power-ups of Super Mario Bros. Wonder! are sure to make the game more exciting, stimulating, and immersive for both young and old players. The game franchise has yet again delivered on the promise to exceed our expectations. The introduction of new power-ups will go a long way to enhancing the gaming experience, but these are only a few of the new features we can expect from the game. As we still await further announcements and gameplay footage from Nintendo, it’s hard not to feel excited about what the game will bring. Super Mario Bros. Wonder! is undoubtedly going to be a fan favorite, and we can’t wait to dive into the world of Super Mario Bros. once again. 

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