Square Enix, one of the leading players in the gaming industry, recently released its FY23 earnings report. While the report revealed a decline in net sales and operating profit compared to the previous year, it provided valuable insights into the company’s overall performance and ongoing projects. As gaming enthusiasts, it is crucial to understand what these numbers mean, not only for Square Enix but for the gaming industry as a whole. In this blog post, we will explore Square Enix’s FY23 earnings report, dissect the numbers, and discuss their implications.

The FY23 earnings report reveals that Square Enix’s net sales were $2.54 billion, a decline of 6% YoY, and operating profit was $328.7 million, representing a decrease of 25.2% YoY. While the numbers may seem alarming, they were primarily due to Digital Entertainment sales declining by 12.2% YoY to $1.82 billion. This decrease was attributable to lower sales of new releases compared to the previous year. However, Square Enix’s other business segments, including Arcade, Amusement, and Publication, showed positive sales growth YoY.

Square Enix’s recent major release, Forspoken, was not mentioned in the earnings report. It is not clear whether the company achieved the desired sales from the game or not. However, we can expect that if the game’s performance had exceeded expectations, the company would have likely provided a detailed report on it.

Looking ahead, Square Enix is forecasting a net sale of $2.67B for FY24, indicating a positive outlook. The company is focusing on developing new IPs to drive future growth and ensure the continued success of its existing franchises. Furthermore, the report highlighted promising results for mobile games, highlighting the increasing importance of mobile gaming.

The gaming industry is continually evolving, and Square Enix’s FY23 earnings report is indicative of this. With the introduction of new technologies, such as cloud gaming and virtual reality, and the emergence of new gaming formats, such as mobile and social gaming, traditional gaming companies are compelled to adapt and integrate their offerings to remain competitive. Square Enix’s earnings report highlights the importance of diversification, with its various business segments providing a hedge against potential losses in one particular segment.


Overall, Square Enix’s FY23 earnings report revealed a decline in net sales and operating profit compared to the previous year, primarily due to lower sales of new releases in Digital Entertainment. However, the company’s other business segments showed positive growth, and their forecasting of a positive outlook for FY24 indicates that management is optimistic about their future prospects. As a forward-thinking company, Square Enix is actively adapting to the fast-changing gaming landscape and focusing on developing new IPs to drive future growth. The report provides valuable insights into not only the company’s overall performance, but also the gaming industry as a whole, and serves as a reminder to gamers and industry professionals alike of the ongoing changes and adaptations required to ensure continued success.

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