On April 20th, Vin Diesel took to social media to drop a bombshell that shook the internet. According to him, the final movie of the Fast and Furious series, or “FAST X” as fans have come to know it, will now be part of a three-part finale. This announcement comes as a surprise to many, as the previous plans were for only two parts. As a true fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, this news makes me extremely excited and anxious for what’s to come.

The Fast and Furious franchise traces its origins back to the original movie released in 2001. Since then, the series has grown to include 8 movies and a fanbase that spans the globe. With each installment, the action scenes and stunts became more elaborate, the music more memorable, and the characters more beloved.

While the franchise has had its share of controversies and setbacks, it has managed to evolve and stay relevant over the years. Fans are now looking forward to seeing what lies ahead with the new three-part finale announcement. With the release of the trailer for “F9: The Fast Saga,” fans got a glimpse of what to expect. The trailer saw the return of fan-favorite characters like Han Lue, who was believed to have died in Tokyo Drift.

The movies have always been known for their high-octane action and incredible stunts. However, the franchise has also built a loyal fanbase because of the strong relationships that the characters have with each other. It’s not just about the cars and the racing; it’s about family, loyalty, and friendship. That’s why fans of the franchise have always felt like they are part of the family, too.

It’s not surprising that Vin Diesel has always been a driving force behind the success of the franchise. Not only does he star in the movies, but he is also a producer and has been heavily involved in all aspects of the films. In his announcement on social media, he hinted that the additional movie in the finale would be the most “ambitious” of them all. That’s a bold statement, considering the scale and scope of the previous movies.

The Fast and Furious franchise has taken fans to many different locations over the years, from Miami to Japan and even outer space (as per the latest trailer). The movies have always been known for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Now, with this new announcement, fans will be eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the next three instalments.


Vin Diesel’s announcement of a three-part finale has been a cause of excitement and speculation among fans of the franchise. With each new movie, the series has managed to keep things fresh while staying true to the core values of family, loyalty, and friendship. The scale and ambition of this new finale are promising, and fans are eagerly anticipating what’s to come. Whether it’s about the cars, the stunts, or the characters themselves, Fast and Furious has something for everyone. And with this new announcement, it’s clear that the franchise is not slowing down anytime soon.

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